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25 Years SA Therapy


Under the direction of Dino Mennillo (Occupational Therapist) OTFC is a clinic based service that is centrally located and services clients within South Australia, in rural regions and interstate. Founded in 1987 by Veronica Steer (Occupational Therapist), Occupational Therapy For Children (OTFC) is the longest standing private Paediatric Occupational Therapy Practice in South Australia.


Government Funding & Health Rebate Incentives

Occupational Therapy For Children (OTFC) is dedicated to providing affordable and multifaceted therapy for Children and families. OTFC is eligible to provide services under a number of government and private schemes including Helping Children with Autism, Better Start, Medicare (Chronic Disease management and focused Psychological strategies) and private health insurance.


Occupational Therapy Services


At the initial point of contact, parents/ carers are offered an opportunity to receive further information about Occupational Therapy For Children Services without obligation to commit to an initial consultation or assessment. OTFC Administration are experienced and happy to discuss the process of making an appointment and will guide you through the process.


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Why Us?

Occupational Therapy For Children strives to maintain a client focused approach where children and families feel validated in their concerns, supported in difficult times, encouraged to be proactive and inspired to facilitate change. This requires ongoing training, development and teamwork, something we value highly at OTFC. Dino Mennillo (OTFC Director) understands the importance of constructive criticism to ensure that OTFC continues to meet client’s expectations. With this in mind, we welcome feedback from clients, teachers and professionals to ensure that we are meeting expectations and refining the service that is provided.

OTFC has provided clinic services for 25 years. The company structure includes a clinical Director, Business Director, Administration Manager, 3 admin staff, and 8 Occupational Therapists. We do not provide additional allied health services - autonomy ensures that we can continue to provide families with several options and remain connected to many allied health services.